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How Yacht Week Can Appeal to a Growing Crowd of Diverse Young Travelers

Congrats Yacht Week! You’ve managed to attract a more diverse crowd than ever this year, as evidenced by the photo above (which includes me and my friends) in Croatia this September. With bookings now open for 2018, Yacht Week is poised to make a killing with a brand new crowd of travelers who will be drawn to the idea of a Yacht Week experience that is as diverse as the one shown above.

From my perspective though, there was something lacking during our weeklong adventure. To be more precise, there were elements that would’ve made the experience more inclusive, and demonstrated a greater awareness of the various personalities, interests and cultures that were in attendance. And if Yacht Week wishes to expand its reach to a more diverse demographic, and retain these attendees for years to come, it should consider making a few tweaks:


Before you embark upon your weeklong excursion, The Yacht Week (TYW) website will be your go-to for all things “yacht.” This includes your trip itinerary, frequently asked questions, packing checklist and teaser videos beckoning you to crystal blue waters and fabulous parties at sunsets. On TYW site the revelers are young, attractive, abdominally tone — and overwhelmingly white. There is little to no representation of people of color. The website visuals led me and my crew members to inaccurately believe that we might be the only all-black boat there. And while this was not a deterrent to our crew, it certainly was not a draw either.

Suggestion: If TYW wants to continue to attract young fabulousness of diverse backgrounds, they should update their website and Instagram pics to reflect the growing diversity of its attendees. The glorious reality of TYW experience is being obscured by these out-dated images. Proudly showcase the multi-faceted crowd that attends your events and in turn, watch that crowd continue to grow and flourish.

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