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I’m a 2020 Essence of a Boss Panelist!

What is the true essence of a boss? Is it determination, brilliance, exemplary people skills? Or is it best demonstrated by being a high performer in your industry? While the answers may vary, there are certain traits and characteristics that one will commonly find among the truly successful or those who are on the trajectory to greatness.

Annually, the Essence of a Boss Conference breaks down these boss-like distinctions while also providing an outlet for female bosses and CEO’s to connect, network and learn from one another.

This year, the conference went virtual in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. That however, did not stop the momentum as notable bosses came to the fore for this epic summit including singer Michelle Williams, activist Tamika Mallory, reality stars Yandy Smith and  Jennifer Williams, and entrepreneurs Monique Idelett and Psyche Terry. Over 40 boss panelists participated in total. 

Helmed by conference founder Jody Pendergast and Tené Nicole Marketing & PR, the virtual expo also featured live performances from legendary gospel singers the Clark Sisters, Tasha Cobbs Leonard and award-winning hip hop violinist, Mapy.  The three-day event was hosted by media personality Lyndsay Christian who handled this tremendous responsibility with elegance and poise.

On Saturday May 2, I was a featured panelist on “Technology is What the Quarantine Ordered” panel. A self-proclaimed non-tekkie who has avoided math and science in favor of words and language my whole life, I lended a unique voice to the panel discussion.

Moderated by Encounter Media founder, Sandra Garcia, the panel also included Tanya Sams (Star of RHOA Atlanta and founder of the Ambition Fund) and Tara Reed (Founder, Apps Without Code). It was a lively, warm discussion exploring how we, as bosses, have been leaning into technology more since quarantine in order to achieve balance and accomplish our business goals.  I also noted that in order to bring more girls and young women into the tech field, it is important that we change the narrative altogether. Tech is no longer just math and science as many may have previously thought; it now spans all industries and is valuable even for the creatives and artists among us. Everyone can benefit from learning more about, and becoming comfortable with, technology. Especially now, it is clearly not going anywhere.

And on that note, I’m off to my next Zoom meeting. Sending you love during this unprecedented time!

Panelists clockwise from left: Tara Reed, Tanya Sams, Karen J. Francis, Sandra Garcia and conference host Lyndsay Christian.

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